Where to Buy Our Product

We distribute our products through our custom tricycles branded with our logos and colors. 

We intend to be in every major department store and supermarket. As soon as we have compiled lists of places, we would list them here for our burgeoning customers who currently do not have our products in any supermarket or department stores. Our Custom Made Tricycles are built especially for retailing our frozen desserts, and would be ridden exclusively by our self owned vendors.

We are also going to be operating an ecommerce website, call center operation as well as an YettySpeaks App for customers who wish to buy six or more cups at a time at a very low price for delivery.

In the long run, our tricycles and our vendors’ unique uniformity would quickly become a norm to our customers who will enjoy our various products, by our specified colors and our trademarked and registered logo and tricycles.

Be on the lookout for them!