Become a YettySpeaks Exclusive Agent

Become a YettySpeaks Exclusive Agent

An Exclusive Agent for YettySpeaks Products signs an exclusive contract with us to only sell YettySpeaks Products in their location and with their own vendors. YettySpeaks in return supports the agent with uniforms, tricycle sets (with ice chests), storage facilities and marketing. They should also have the following:

  • An appropriate location.
  • Have paid the rent.
  • Inform a YSC Representative and allow them to inspect and approve the equipment needed to commence business.
  • Have at least 2 freezers.
  • Rent at least 2 of our Tricycle(s)and Head Box(es).
  • Engage a minimum of 2 vendors of your choice (we recommend that you house them).
  • Working Capital of N500,000 (cash to buy products).
  • Required minimum sales of at least N500,000 monthly.
  • Covered dustbin, hygiene station and First Aid box.
  • A Generator.
  • Buy Products exclusively from YettySpeaks Confectionery Solutions.

What you get as an Agent or Exclusive Agent of YettySpeaks Confectionery Solutions.

  • High Profit Margins/Quick Turn-over.
  • Delivery at your doorstep. (Applies to Exclusive Agent).
  • Possible Equipment Support for your business.
  • Training.
  • Replacing damaged/expired products.

To be a Regular or Exclusive Agent, you would also need to have NAFDAQ approval on your proposed location.