Our vision at YettySpeaks Confectionery Solutions is to be an all class frozen dessert brand, enjoyed by the public masses in Nigeria and West Africa because of the Quality and Affordability. We aim to impact the lives of everyday people in our various communities by eventually creating employment where qualified people can earn a respectable wage.

YettySpeaks Confectionary Solutions understands the value of developing trust and long lasting relationships through the constant fulfillment of our various customer needs. In order to raise the perceptions of our burgeoning customers, we have set forth a clear vision statement which focuses on ensuring the fact that the customer always gets what it actually expects from the company, which is premium quality at affordable prices.

We will achieve this position by

  • Promising only those things which we can deliver
  • Not just meeting our customer expectations but by going beyond them

Our plan is to regurgitate the market with our brand of Quality and Affordability Frozen Dessert for our incoming burgeoning customers to enjoy and to set a unique place for us among our competitors.