Where to buy our Products:

Since we are a very new company, we currently don’t have any distribution centers where our products are visibly sold, however we would bring our various products to the masses using our custom made Tricycles built especially for retailing, ridden by our various Tricycle Vendors, whose uniformity and attires would quickly become a norm to our customers who enjoy our products.

Become a Self Owned Vendor or Sub Agent:

Self owned Vendor of Sundae Scoops N Cream

  • Working Capital
  • Rent our Tricycle(s) and Head Box(es)
  • Purchase Uniform(s)
  • Minimal monthly sales of N25,000

Sub-Agent of Sundae Scoops N Cream

  • Block Outlet / Container.
  • At least 2 new freezers. 
  • Own at least 3 of our Tricycle(s) and Head Box(es Engage a minimum of 3 vendors of your choice (we recommend
    that you house them).
  • Own Working Capital (cash to buy products) 7.
  • Required minimum sales of N100,000
  • Covered dustbin, hygiene station and First Aid box. 
  • Buy Products from YettySpeaks Confectionary Solutions. What you get by being a Self-Owned Vendor or Sub-Agent with us


Send us an email at admin@YettySpeaks.com

  1. Location (giving directions) of Outlet. 
  2.  Your Name and Business Name. 
  3. Contact Telephone Number/Address. 
  4. Email Address. 
  5. Bank Account Information. 
  6. CAC Registration

What you get by being a Self-Owned Vendor or Sub-Agent with us.

  1. High Profit Margins/Quick Turn-over. 
  2. Delivery at your doorstep. (Applies to Sub-Agent)
  3. Possible Equipment support for business.
  4. Training. 
  5. Replacing damaged/expired products.